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Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

A vineyard in Thailand? Really? Whilst the tropical climate of Thailand might not appear to be conducive to wine-making, there are a few locations in the country … [Read More...]


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Trang town tuk-tuk

Hop Aboard Trang’s Funky Frog Tuk-Tuks

Most visitors to Thailand are familiar with the Thai tuk-tuk found in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. But travel to other regions of Thailand and you’ll see that not every tuk-tuk adheres to this standard design. The classic 'tuk-tuk hua kop' … [Read More...]

haze and smog in Chiang Rai, north Thailand

The Annual Haze and Smog Problem in North Thailand

For people living in the north of Thailand, the start of the hot season heralds the onset of the summer smog and haze. It’s an annual problem and one which successive Thai governments have failed to solve. The pollution levels from the smog in March … [Read More...]

Rabbit emblem on a street sign in Chantaburi, eastern Thailand

The Rabbits of Chantaburi

If you visit Chantaburi in eastern Thailand you may notice rabbit emblems popping up all over the city. They are present on street signs, shop-fronts and hotel logos. But why are they there? Chantaburi translates as 'moon city'. In Thai … [Read More...]

sheep in Thailand

Thailand’s Unlikely Obsession with Sheep

Think of animals you might associate with Thailand and water buffaloes might spring to mind. Or monkeys, snakes or geckos. But sheep? Somewhere along the line — and it seems to have happened in the last few years — sheep are 'in trend' in … [Read More...]

Benjasiri Park, Bangkok

Benjasiri Park, Bangkok

It might not be as big or as well-known as Lumphini Park, but Benjasiri Park in Bangkok has a quiet charm and makes for a pleasant escape from some of the excesses of the Thai capital. Benjasiri Park was opened in 1992 in honour of Queen Sirikit’s … [Read More...]

Chinese New Year in Thailand

Is it the Year of the Sheep or Year of the Goat?

Like many other countries in Asia and elsewhere around the world, there will be many in Thailand who are welcoming in the Chinese New Year. Depending on where you look you may see the animal associated with this new year as a sheep, a ram or a goat. … [Read More...]

Chiang Mai Friday Farmers' Market

Chiang Mai Farmers’ Market Every Friday

A new farmers’ market opened up in the centre of Chiang Mai in December 2014. The market takes place every Friday in the attractive garden area of the library which is attached to the Chiang Mai Historical Centre and Museum. This is behind the Three … [Read More...]