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sea cruise by schooner Phuket to Phi Phi

Unique Adventures in Thailand

Part of the appeal of Thailand is that it caters to such a large cross-section of travellers. If you just want to chill out on a beach for a couple of weeks and the only work you want to do is on your tan, then destinations like Krabi and Phuket in … [Read More...]

Tsunami memorial in Krabi

Tsunami 10-Year Anniversary

Almost a quarter of a million people killed. Hundreds of thousands injured. An estimated two million left homeless. The statistics from the Indian Ocean tsunami on December 26, 2004 are staggering. Fourteen countries were directly hit by the killer … [Read More...]

Guide to domestic flights in Thailand

Domestic Flights in Thailand

If you’re planning your travel route around Thailand, don’t assume that the bus or train is always going to be the cheapest option. When it comes to long distance travel in Thailand, a flight can often be the best option in terms of convenience and … [Read More...]

Makha Bucha Day in Thailand

Public Holidays in Thailand, 2015

The dates below are the official Thai government list of public holidays in Thailand for 2015. Where the actual date of the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, a substitute day has been granted on the Monday as a day’s holiday. It’s helpful to … [Read More...]


King’s Birthday and Father’s Day

December 5 is a public holiday in Thailand in honour of His Majesty the King's birthday. The Thai monarch is fondly regarded by many Thais as the 'Father of the Nation' and this is why his birthday is also celebrated as Father's Day in … [Read More...]

Ban Baat Monks Bowl Community, Bangkok

Ban Baat Monk’s Bowl Community, Bangkok

There was a time when all of the bowls used by Thai monks on their daily alms round were hand-made. Today, most of these alms bowls are mass-produced cheaply and quickly in factories elsewhere in Asia. But in Bangkok, one community is preserving the … [Read More...]