Monkeying Around in Thailand


Depending on where you visit in Thailand, there’s a chance you may encounter monkeys on your travels. I took these photos in Krabi on the pathway that connects East Railay to Phra Nang Beach. The cliffs and treetops there are home to a troop of macaques and they’ve become accustomed to sharing their territory with […]

Thailand Coup: Updated Advice for Tourists

Thailand coup advice for tourists

Even by Thailand’s coup-prone political standards, these are unusual times for the country so it’s no surprise that tourists are left wondering whether the country is still safe to visit. If you’re planning to visit Thailand, it’s important to keep some perspective. The majority of visitors to Thailand continue to enjoy their trips and many […]

Jet Ski Scams

Thailand Jet Ski Scams

Ko Samui is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons following an attack on a a 27-year-old Swiss tourist on Chaweng Beach on Tuesday. It has been reported locally that four Thai employees of a jet ski business assaulted the Swiss man following a dispute over alleged damage to a jet ski. The four […]

Bringing Prescribed Drugs into Thailand

I’ve had a number of emails from people who are concerned about bringing prescribed drugs into Thailand. Thai customs officers are aware that travellers may need to bring prescribed drugs into the country and in most case it isn’t a problem. The following answers to some common questions should help to clarify matters. Do I […]

How Safe is the Ice?

Thai iced coffee

Following on from my article on Thai iced coffee, a reader asked me whether it is safe to take ice in your drinks when visiting Thailand. I remember when I first came here being advised by different expats that you should only take ice in your drinks if it is one of the round, cylinder […]

New Campaign for Motorcycle Helmets to be Worn

Motorbike helmet sign in Thailand

Thailand’s government has today approved a proposal aimed at getting all motorcyclists to wear crash helmets. Although there is an existing law that states that motorcyclists must wear helmets, the law is loosely enforced by police and widely ignored by many motorcyclists. The new campaign for 2011 is aimed at reducing the number of road […]

Warning About Shopping at Bangkok Airport

There have been media reports in recent weeks about incidents involving duty free shops at Bangkok airport. One particular case involved a British couple who were accused of stealing an item from a King Power duty free shop at Suvarnabhumi airport. They were arrested and apparently ended up paying a large amount of money to […]

Thai Attitudes Towards Safety

stay safe in Thailand

If you are travelling to Thailand for the first time, the whole experience can be a culture shock. What passes as normal in Thailand can be the sort of thing that is frowned upon in many countries in the West. That’s an observation and not a criticism, but visitors should be particularly aware of the […]

Stray Dogs


Thailand has a large number of stray dogs and despite some efforts to ease the problem it remains an issue that visitors can’t help but notice. The cute puppies which are bought and sold in local Thai markets aren’t as cute to their owners as the dogs get older and larger. As their upkeep becomes […]

Pedestrians Watch Your Step


Walking around any Thai town or city can be an amazing experience in more ways than one. Seemingly mundane things like taking a stroll can be an adventure, so don’t assume that the pavements or sidewalks are there for the sole benefit of pedestrians. If you are walking, you might think that the most you […]