No Alcohol: Buddhist Holiday

For some important Buddhist holidays in Thailand such as Makha Bucha and Visakha Bucha Day, there are restrictions in place on the sale of alcohol. Shops and venues found flaunting the law on these days are liable to prosecution, although that doesn’t mean that all entertainment venues adhere strictly to the regulations. Some bars and clubs in Thailand may choose to close for Buddhist holidays, but those that do decide to remain open often resort to pouring beer into coffee mugs before handing it to the customer.

No alcohol for sale on Makha Bucha Day in Thailand Sign inside 7-Eleven in Chiang Mai – no alcohol for sale on Makha Bucha Day

The spelling might not be perfect in the notice shown in the photo, but it was very sweet of the cashier at 7-Eleven to write it out in English for the benefit of the tourists visiting the shop.

Certain entertainment venues have a better ‘relationship’ than others with the local police and may get away with selling alcohol more openly as the police turn a blind eye. The police also tend to ignore hotels and resorts that cater mainly to overseas tourists if they are out of view or well away from main roads, but shops such as 7-Eleven have strict regulations in place for the sale of alcohol on Buddhist holidays.

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