National Elephant Day in Thailand

In Thailand, March 13 is designated as National Elephant Day to highlight the importance of the Thai elephant (chang Thai) in Thai history and culture. It’s a day where special events take place at various zoos and elephant parks throughout Thailand. Some elephant parks will even hold Buddhist rituals where the animals are thoroughly scrubbed and showered before monks are invited to perform ceremonies to wipe away bad luck and wish for good luck for the elephants and their mahouts in the coming year.

Thai Elephant Day has been held on an annual basis since the idea was first approved by the Thai government in 1998. Special events are held at a number of venues in northern Thailand including the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre and the Elephant Nature Park. At the Mae Sa Elephant Camp, it has become a tradition on March 13 for the dozens of elephants there to be treated to a huge feast of fruits and sugar cane.

With all of this in mind, here is a special message for National Thai Elephant Day . . .

National Elephant Day in ThailandLove elephants, love Thailand :-)

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