Salapao – Chinese Steamed Buns

salapao-chinese-steamed-bunsWhite steamed buns called ‘salapao’ are a popular snack in Thailand. They are sold at hawker stalls and roadside eateries as well as Chinese restaurants. Fillings for the buns can be savoury or sweet. Savoury salapao usually consist of barbecued or minced pork. The filling in the picture is ‘sai moo daeng’ (‘moo daeng’ = red roast pork). In this context, the word ‘sai’ means filling. The sweet buns are often favoured by overseas visitors and are usually available at 7-Eleven stores for around 10 to 15 Baht. The sweet salapao (‘sai waan’) may consist of crushed mung beans such as ‘sai tua dam’ (black bean filling) or a cream filling (‘sai kriim’).

photo ©

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