Chiang Mai Flood Update

I took a walk around the riverside and Night Bazaar area of Chiang Mai this afternoon to check the situation with regards to the recent floods. I’m pleased to say that all the water has gone and the roads and pavements/sidewalks have been cleared. It’s been a remarkable turnaround in such a short space of time considering on Thursday some roads in the Night Bazaar area were impassable unless you had a boat or a rescue vehicle.
During and after floods at entrance to Chang Klan Road and Night Bazaar area in Chiang Mai
The Night Bazaar is open for business and the commercial heart of Chiang Mai is up and running. I took the photo above left on Thursday near Chang Klan Road which is home to the Night Bazaar. The photo on the right was taken this afternoon. Despite the good news that the waters have gone, it was still sad to see the damage suffered by some residents and smaller shops in the side-lanes with a number of them still in the process of cleaning out their homes and businesses and throwing away flood-damaged belongings and furniture. I haven’t been out to any rural parts of Chiang Mai province since the floods took place, but I understand that although some outlying areas are still struggling the situation is greatly improved generally.

The flooding in the city and outlying areas was localized and there were large areas of Chiang Mai unaffected. The Sunday Walking Street Market is taking place as usual this evening in the Old Town district (this area was completely unaffected by the floods) and if you are due to come to Chiang Mai in the next few days please don’t cancel your visit. Come and spend money, help the local economy when it is needed most and enjoy Chiang Mai.

There is still flooding affecting parts of central Thailand including Ayutthaya and Lopburi amongst others. Train services between Bangkok and the north of Thailand remain prone to disruption and delays, but flights in and out of Bangkok and Chiang Mai have been operating normally. Most bus services are running normally although journey times on some routes may be extended.
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