Amazing Thailand: Worst Name for a Business Ever?

Not much surprises me in Thailand. Over the years I’ve come to expect the unexpected because This is Thailand (T.I.T.) as some expats are fond of saying. But when I saw this vehicle parked up in a Chiang Mai side-street even I was left shaking my head in disbelief so I take my hat off to the owner of the Sperm Drink Car Shop.
Sperm Drink Car Shop van in Chiang Mai
Sperm Drink Car Shop Thailand
The Sperm Drink Car Shop van
Somewhere along the line, the owner of this mobile iced-drinks business decided that associating his products with sperm would be a good business idea. And maybe it is. Maybe it’s me that’s getting it all wrong. After all, I was the idiot who stood and took photos of the van and is now writing about it here so the name could be the work of a marketing genius. It brings a whole new meaning to the question, “Would you like cream in your coffee?”

Amazing Thailand.

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