New Year Resolution: Make New Friends

It’s the early hours of New Year’s Day in Chiang Mai and with fireworks being set off all around the city, this dog and kitten seek refuge from the hubbub by nestling up to each other at a temple just outside the Old Town district. This was the scene at Wat Pan Sao where a Buddhist chanting ceremony was held to welcome in the New Year and gave those attending the opportunity to make merit. The two animals had been spooked by the fireworks, but as the monks chanted and the noise from the fireworks subsided, the sleepier and more content these two new friends became in a narak‘ scene that had those that witnessed it smiling in approval.

Cat and dog at Wat Pan Sao, Chiang Mai

In Thailand, it’s common to see stray dogs and cats within the grounds of temples where monks will feed them and generally look after them. If you take time to fully explore the temples and look carefully enough don’t be surprised to see cats sleeping alongside Buddha images and dogs curled up in the shelter of temple doorways.




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